The price of beer

 A little something we decided to monitor to track currency and compare it to home…

 China – Tsing Tao (from corner store) is AUD$2 for a tall bottle 500mil

 Mongolia – Khan Brau (from bar) AUD$2.50 for a tall bottle 500mil

 Russia – Lake Baikal beer (bar by the beach serving tap beer) AUD$3 for about 300mil

Beer at Baikal

Russia – Baltika beer (500ml) can be bought for just over $1 from the train station platforms, less from the corner store near our hotel in St Petersberg.

UK – Well it varies between pubs, but roughly $3.50 to $4.00 for a draught.  Waldu is sampling all of the house beers.  Not much whisky in site.

Belgium – $20 for a six pack sampler mix of Belgium beers.  On tap a beer was about $3.

The Netherlands – Heinekin gave it to us for FREE, but on tap it was about $3 for a pint (they say you shouldn’t drink it in glasses any bigger – something to do with the head, taste etc). 

Germany (north) – A local Potsdam ale was $2.50 (and it was back to the big glasses again). 

Poland – Standard beer was $2. 

Slovakia – Cheap beer in the super market – some at 50c a can!

Austria – About the same price as Germany if drinking local beer. 

Germany (south)- Oktoberfest saw 1L of beer set you back 9 euros (about $12 Aussie dollars)

Spain & Portugal – beer was cheap and bought by the bottle, a 1L bottle, for 2 euro ($2.6) and in the supermarket a can of beer was cheaper than a bottle of water or a can of softdrink.

That's what I call a beer

France & Italy – I cannot say that I have had too many beers. None in Italy…just wine.

Wine sold in litres

Sundowner at Desolation Valley, Karoo

South Africa – ah, cold Black Label Carling beer takes Waldu back to his university days when this was the only beer students could afford.  Nowdays it sells for 17 Rand a bottle (just under $2), but that’s for a very big bottle that is probably meant for sharing… 

Shhhh – the beer in the picture is actually from Namibia.



Waldu reunites with a rare and endangered specie – Lion Larger

Kenya (Tusker), Tanzania (Kilimanjaro Premium Larger),

Malawi (Kuchi Kuchi),

Zambia (Mosi),

Botswana (St Louis)

and Namibia (Windhoek or Tarfel)

are all about the same price…a low $1 a pint. 

Always purchased cold, even when buying a slab.  

And readily available anywhere – supermarkets, bars, hotels, cafes, sundowner safari drives, local shebeens, and our esky.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Clarissa Lawton
    Aug 13, 2011 @ 00:24:49

    What is Nic drinking these days? Pims? Cx


  2. thewayhome39
    Aug 13, 2011 @ 06:17:43

    Still Pimms (and red wine of course). Can’t get onto this straight 100mil vodka.


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