Our itinerary


As we have discovered, it is pointless having an itinerary when you are on the road in Africa.  Everything changes daily, which is probably a good thing as it means we are getting to see some things off the beaten track.  So rather than say where we are going, here is where we have been …

Timing Country City
02-Dec-11 Kenya Mombassa
03-Dec-11 Ethiopia Addis Abeba
04-Dec-11 South Africa Benoni
05-Dec-11 South Africa Benoni
06-Dec-11 South Africa Benoni
07-Dec-11 South Africa Benoni
08-Dec-11 South Africa Benoni
09-Dec-11 South Africa Benoni
10-Dec-11 South Africa Benoni
11-Dec-11 South Africa Benoni
12-Dec-11 South Africa Benoni
13-Dec-11 South Africa Benoni
14-Dec-11 South Africa Benoni
15-Dec-11 South Africa Graaff Reinett
16-Dec-11 South Africa Oudshoorn
17-Dec-11 South Africa Tulbach
18-Dec-11 South Africa Blouberg Strand
19-Dec-11 South Africa Blouberg Strand
20-Dec-11 South Africa Blouberg Strand
21-Dec-11 South Africa Victoria Wes
22-Dec-11 South Africa Benoni
23-Dec-11 South Africa Benoni
24-Dec-11 South Africa Benoni
25-Dec-11 South Africa Benoni
26-Dec-11 South Africa Benoni
27-Dec-11 South Africa Benoni
28-Dec-11 South Africa Benoni
29-Dec-11 South Africa Benoni
30-Dec-11 Ethiopia Addis Abeba
31-Dec-11 Ethiopia Addis Abeba
01-Jan-12 Kenya Mombassa
02-Jan-12 Kenya Mombassa
03-Jan-12 Kenya Mombassa
04-Jan-12 Kenya Mombassa
05-Jan-12 Kenya Watamu Beach
06-Jan-12 Kenya Taita Hills
07-Jan-12 Kenya Taita Hills
08-Jan-12 Tanzania Marangu or Moshi
09-Jan-12 Tanzania Karatu
10-Jan-12 Tanzania Ngorongoro & Serengeti
11-Jan-12 Tanzania Usumbra Mountains
12-Jan-12 Tanzania Tanga
13-Jan-12 Tanzania Tanga
14-Jan-12 Tanzania Zanzibar
15-Jan-12 Tanzania Zanzibar
16-Jan-12 Tanzania Zanzibar
17-Jan-12 Tanzania Zanzibar
18-Jan-12 Tanzania Tanga
19-Jan-12 Tanzania Southern Tanzania
20-Jan-12 Tanzania Southern Tanzania
21-Jan-12 Tanzania Ruaha
22-Jan-12 Tanzania Southern Tanzania
23-Jan-12 Malawi Chitimba
24-Jan-12 Malawi Chitimba
25-Jan-12 Malawi Chitimba
26-Jan-12 Malawi Livingstonia
27-Jan-12 Malawi South of Nkhota Bay
28-Jan-12 Malawi Senga
29-Jan-12 Malawi Lilongwe
30-Jan-12 Zambia Chipata
31-Jan-12 Zambia Lusaka
01-Feb-12 Zambia Lusaka
02-Feb-12 Zambia Livingstone
03-Feb-12 Zambia Livingstone
04-Feb-12 Botswana Kasane
05-Feb-12 Botswana Chobe NP
06-Feb-12 Botswana Maun
07-Feb-12 Botswana Shakawe/Okovango Delta
08-Feb-12 Namibia Near Popa Falls
09-Feb-12 Namibia Tsumeb
10-Feb-12 Namibia East Etosha
11-Feb-12 Namibia East Etosha
12-Feb-12 Namibia South Estosha 
13-Feb-12 Namibia Twyfelfontien/Uis
14-Feb-12 Namibia Spitzkoppe

UPDATED ITINERARY – 16 Oct (updates for Africa itinerary still TBC)

16-Oct-11 Portugal Rugby & drive to Villa Nova de Milfontes
17-Oct-11   Coastal drive to Lagos, beach
18-Oct-11 Spain Drive to Malaga (Spanish Coast) 
19-Oct-11   Coastal drive to Almeria Coast
20-Oct-11   Explore Almeria
21-Oct-11   Drive to Alcante
22-Oct-11   Rugby & explore Alcante
23-Oct-11   Beach hop to Catalunya
24-Oct-11   Beach hop to Catalunya
25-Oct-11   Barcelona day trip
26-Oct-11   Drive to Montpeller via Millau Bridge
27-Oct-11   Provence/French Riveria
28-Oct-11   Nice, Monaco Drive
29-Oct-11 Italy Drive to San Remo/Coastal area
30-Oct-11   Drive to Bologna or coastal route
31-Oct-11   Arrive San Giamano, wine tasting
1-Nov-11   Explore local area/town/wineries
2-Nov-11   Drive to Modena to collect parts, local area
3-Nov-11   Maybe a cooking school
4-Nov-11   Day trip to Florence
5-Nov-11   Explore local area/town/wineries
6-Nov-11   Explore local area/town/wineries
7-Nov-11   Check out of Villa, head to San Marino
8-Nov-11   Explore San Marino
9-Nov-11   Drive towards Padova (coastal drive)
10-Nov-11   Arrive Padova
11-Nov-11   Day trip to Venice
12-Nov-11   Drive to Milan area
13-Nov-11   Drive to Alessandria, drop car off, train to Genova
14-Nov-11   Morning train to Cinque Terre
15-Nov-11   Explore, walk, train
16-Nov-11   Explore, walk, train
17-Nov-11   Train to Rome
18-Nov-11   Explore Rome
19-Nov-11 Greece Fly to Athens, Greece
20-Nov-11   Athens
21-Nov-11   Patra
22-Nov-11   Patra
23-Nov-11   Patra
24-Nov-11   Patra
25-Nov-11   Patra
26-Nov-11   Patra
27-Nov-11   Patra
28-Nov-11   Athens
29-Nov-11   TBC
30-Nov-11   TBC
1-Dec-11   TBC
  UK Fly from London Stanstead to Mombassa
2-Dec-11 Kenya Mombassa


25-Sep-11 Germany Munich and Oktoberfest
26-Sep-11   Day trip to Munich
27-Sep-11   Tourist route to Rothenburg od Tauber
28-Sep-11   Drive towards Liechtenstein
28-Sep-11 Switzerland Day trip to Luzern
29-Sep-11   Explore Basel
30-Sep-11 France   Drive to Troyes and explore city
1-Oct-11   Troyes, train to Paris for the day
2-Oct-11   Head to Orleans or Tours, overnight
3-Oct-11   Head to Bordeaux, overnight
4-Oct-11 Spain Drive to San Sebastian, overnight
5-Oct-11   San Sebastian, overnight
6-Oct-11   Drive to Madrid outside Madrid
7-Oct-11   See Madrid (train/bus in), overnight same place
8-Oct-11 Portugal Drive towards Lisbon, overnight
9-Oct-11   See Lisbon, overnight
10-Oct-11   Coastal drive to Algarve country, overnight
11-Oct-11 Spain Coastal drive to Seville, overnight
12-Oct-11   Seville overnight
13-Oct-11   Long drive to Valencia, overnight
14-Oct-11   Valencia, maybe island day trip
15-Oct-11   Drive towards Barcelona (stay either side of)
16-Oct-11   See Barcelona (train/bus in), same overnight
17-Oct-11 France Drive to Nice, stay in that area
18-Oct-11 Monaco Drive through Monaco, stay in Genoa area (Italy)
19-Oct-11 Italy Cinque Terre
20-Oct-11   Cinque Terre
21-Oct-11   Cinque Terre/drive to Rome
22-Oct-11   Rome
23-Oct-11   Rome
24-Oct-11   Drive to Amalfi Coast, overnight
25-Oct-11   Explore Amalfi Coast
26-Oct-11   Drive to Palmero, overnight
27-Oct-11   See Palmero, drive to Pozallo for overnight
28-Oct-11   Day trip to Malta, Pozallo for overnight
29-Oct-11   Drive to Tuscany, overnight on way
30-Oct-11   Drive to Tuscany, overnight on way
31-Oct-11   Arrive San Giamano, Tuscany
1-Nov-11   Explore local area/town/wineries
2-Nov-11   Explore local area/town/wineries
3-Nov-11   Day trip to Florence
4-Nov-11   Maybe a cooking school
5-Nov-11   Explore local area/town/wineries
6-Nov-11   Explore local area/town/wineries
7-Nov-11   Check out of Villa, head to Milan
8-Nov-11   Genoa/Cast and drop car off
9-Nov-11   Venice
10-Nov-11   Venice/Bologna
11-Nov-11   Ancona
12-Nov-11 Croatia Split
15-Nov-11   Dubrovnik
18-Nov-11 Slovenia?  
20-Nov-11 Hungary?  
22-Nov-11 Greece Thessalonki
23-Nov-11   Patra
27-Nov-11   Athens
1-Dec-11 UK London Stanstead
2-Dec-11 Kenya Mombassa

Our trip is in four stages (1) China-Russia (2) UK & Europe (3) Africa and (4) South America & the West Coast of the USA.  We will update the itinerary with some more detail as we go, but the master list is below.

STAGE 1 – China to Russia (via the Trans-Siberian rail)

Date Country City What we are up to
11-Jul-11 Australia Cooloongata Relaxing on the Coast before flying out
12-Jul-11 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Dinner with good friend, Chris
14-Jul-11 China Hong Kong July sales!
16-Jul-11   Guangzhou Head to train for first overnight sleeper ride
18-Jul-11   Xi’an Visit the Terrocotta Army
20-Jul-11   Beijing Tour the city
22-Jul-11   Beijing Off to the Forbidden City
23-Jul-11   Beijing Maybe the Great Wall?
26-Jul-11   Beijing Trans Siberian Rail here we come
27-Jul-11 Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Tour of a local village at Elstei Ger
31-Jul-11 Russia Siberia   Overnight on train through Siberia
02-Aug-11   listvyanka Chill time at Lake Bakal
05-Aug-11   On train Vodka
06-Aug-11   On train Vodka
07-Aug-11   On train Vodka
08-Aug-11   Moscow City tour
11-Aug-11   St Petersberg Cooking School
13-Aug-11   St Petersberg Off to the UK!

The whole trip (in a nutshell)

Sector Date Country
From To 
Malaysia 12-Jul 13-Jul Malaysia
China & Russia 13-Jul 25-Jul China
  25-Jul 29-Jul Mongolia
  29-Jul 13-Aug Russia
UK & Europe 13-Aug 8-Sep UK & Scotland
  8-Sep 10-Sep France
  10-Sep 10-Sep Belgium
  10-Sep 13-Sep Holland
  13-Sep 17-Sep Germany
  17-Sep 20-Sep Poland
  20-Sep 22-Sep Czech Republic
  22-Sep 24-Sep Austria
  24-Sep 25-Sep Switzerland
  25-Sep 30-Sep France
  30-Sep 4-Oct Spain
  4-Oct 10-Oct Portgual
  10-Oct 17-Oct Spain
  17-Oct 21-Oct France
  21-Oct 9-Nov Italy
Africa 9-Nov 13-Nov On a ferry
  13-Nov 15-Nov Eygpt
  15-Nov 22-Nov Egypt
  22-Nov 28-Nov Sudan
  28-Nov 2-Dec Ethiopia
  2-Dec 16-Dec Kenya
  16-Dec 23-Dec Tanzania
  23-Dec 28-Dec Malawi
  28-Dec 3-Jan Zambia
  3-Jan 7-Jan Botswana
  7-Jan 22-Jan Namibia
  22-Jan 28-Jan South Africa
  28-Jan 31-Jan Lesotho
  31-Jan 21-Feb South Africa
America 21-Feb 5-Mar Brazil
  5-Mar 7-Mar Uraquay
  7-Mar 13-Mar Argentina
  13-Mar 18-Mar Chile
  18-Mar 20-Mar Bolivia
  20-Mar 1-Apr Peru
  1-Apr 11-Apr Cuba
  11-Apr 17-Apr Mexico
  17-Apr 1-May USA

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Bob and Barb Shaw
    Aug 23, 2011 @ 12:16:20

    We have been following your travels and are enjoying hearing of all of your adventures. It was amazing to see the ‘Grey Ghost’ [our name for the cruiser] parked in the english countryside. Glad it made the trip ok despite a flat battery. Russia and the Trans Siberian Railway sounds like a great place for adventures but there may be just as many in Africa too. Look forward to hearing more news about your trip.


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