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Travel [trav-uhl] verb, -eled, -el-ing: 1. To go, move, or journey from one place to another. She travels to improve her mind.  He travelled the country 2. to journey through or accross (and area or region). 3. to know not where you are going next (and be happy about it). 4. to stand at the top of a mountain and look down on a land you’ve never seen before. 5. to avoid the crowds. 6. to sleep in places not even on a map. 7. to eat food which you never knew before was food. 8. to discover more about oneself than you ever would have done at home. 9. to broaden your mind.

Thank you to everyone who followed our journey.







A few friends we met along the way

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This trip wouldn’t have been the same if we hadn’t of met some wonderful new friends along the way, who shared laughter and a few wines with us. 

Then there were a few fury friends we met…


Where do babies come from?

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Whenever Waldu and his family went on road trips and passed baboons, his parents would say “look Waldu, there is your family.” 

 Children were told that when parents wanted a child they simply went out looking for a baby baboon, bought him home, shaved his hair off and raised him. 

We have seen more than enough baboons on our trip so far (with a lot more to come), and every time we see them we cannot help but laugh and say “hey, there’s where I come from.”

Washing day in Spain

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A Chinese laundry in Spain

We arrived in Spain (north west coast – near San Sebastian) to sunshine, hot weather and a gorgeous camp site view of the ocean from our hill top perch.  Lekker – two days of sunshine and we could wash everything and get them nice and dry in the sun.  Or so we thought.  Day 2: A little misty.  “It will clear” we said.  Time for a slow start to the day and then we hoped for sunshine, but it wasn’t to be.  Oh, well.  At least we got a little R&R from our trip.  Off to Madrid now.

Anyone heard of Liechtenstein?

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We stopped over for a night in the small country of Liechtenstein, which is between Austria and Switzerland. 

Never heard of it?  Neither had we.  It is a shame really as it is such a nice country (even though we only saw a few cities) and there was a lot to do.  Basically the country is owned by a wealth family who govern most of its running. They even still live in the castle in the capital, right near the main street of town.  They even have a postage museum.  

Some fast facts:

–          Population = 35,000

–          160 square kilometres

–          Fourth smallest nation in Europe

–          Only country in the world purchased and owned by the same family

–          Prince still lives in the city castle

–          More dentures are produced here than anywhere else


Germany Part 2: Oktoberfest

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Beer, currywurst, rides, beer, pretzels, beer, traditional music, beer, half a chicken, beer, shows, beer, singing and dancing, beer… Oktoberfest was a lot better than we had imagined.

Lots of civilised people (expect for the occasional beer skullers in one particular tent), most locals in their cultural dress, and a great atmosphere is what we discovered. It was like a small town fair but on a much larger scale, and with lots of beer thrown in.

There were the 1litre jugs of beers, which are carried in groups of 10 by beer maids, but the beer maids aren’t the same as the ones seen in all of those advertisements and pictures. Very friendly ladies though.


We met some fellow Aussies and South Africans (we we will catch up with next year in J’burg) and a few local folk who gave us their side of the Bavarian tradition and tried to convince Nic not to drink wine at a beer festival.

New Friends

Waldu winning Nic a stuffed toy


Waldu at one of the many street side food stalls

9 hours later we made it back to the campsite and fell asleep to the chatter of fellow Oktoberfest-ers stumbling home (or into the camp site beer tent near our car).


Austria – just a few letter short of Australia and just as beautiful

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Wow!  Every country just keeps getting better and better in terms of scenery and the welcoming people. 

From the picturesque country side of Scotland to the country villages of Germany and the castles of Slovakia, to the natural beauty and charm of Austria and its people, our journey just keeps reaching new heights.   Every time we turned a corner on the winding country roads we were met with another spectacular view or village to explore.

We will let some pictures tell the story…



We have found a country we hope to return to again. 


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