1 day to go

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We can hardly believe it – 1 day to go and our dream adventure begins.  We are packed and ready to head off, but not before one last ‘pre trip post’ to thank everyone for their well wishes, love and support.  

Waldu is dosed up on cold and flu tablets and I am seeing what else I can squeeze into my backpack (shoes, handbags, dresses).

16 visas in hand, 2 international drivers licences, a small flask of Jagermister…


Here we go…


Light my way

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Waldu is getting into some last minute trip reading and I am madly printing off copies of everything – visas, flights, itineraries.  Thanks for our mini mags Troy & Lauren.  They are already getting a work out with some bed time reading. 

Are we ready?  Well, our fixer (guide and visa source) in Sudan has gone missing…thankfully we have not paid him yet, but otherwise I think we are fairly well sorted…or will be by (gulp) Monday.  After contacting well over 30 companies, our third party insurance for Europe came through this week – cause for celebration!  Not long now.  Malaysia Tuesday (see you soon Chris), Hong Kong Wednesday, China for the weekend.

Well wishes for our trip

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Thanks Ruth for writing ‘ODE TO OUR NICOLE’, what a great SCPM farewell!

There was a young lady named Nicole

Who joined ENERGEX in a change management role,

Although she’s only small

In her groovy shoes she becomes quite tall,

She has a great handle on managing change

And if stakeholders miss the point, they’re quite strange,

Chocolate is her number one love

With Waldu just able to inch in above,

This lovely couple decide they must strive

Adventure calls them overseas to drive,

Around the world they say

We mustn’t miss a thing night or day!

Outdoing each other’s project management skills

Including practicing tent top drills,

Their home is now on top of the car

Even though some find this bizarre,

Safe travels are wished by us all

Adventurous tales to be heard when you call,

You go with our thoughts and best wishes

Although our main concern is the lions will think you are delicious,

We will miss your sunny smile

But can at least track your every mile,

We’ll wave you off with chocolates in hand

With ‘living in our means’ we had to cancel the marching band,

You never know what the future brings

But you will always be welcome under SCPM’s wings!

Our home afloat

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This week we have bid farewell to our Landcruiser mobile home.  This time next week the car will be locked away in a shipping container and out to sea, bound for the UK.  Reality check: it’s really happening!