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Travel [trav-uhl] verb, -eled, -el-ing: 1. To go, move, or journey from one place to another. She travels to improve her mind.  He travelled the country 2. to journey through or accross (and area or region). 3. to know not where you are going next (and be happy about it). 4. to stand at the top of a mountain and look down on a land you’ve never seen before. 5. to avoid the crowds. 6. to sleep in places not even on a map. 7. to eat food which you never knew before was food. 8. to discover more about oneself than you ever would have done at home. 9. to broaden your mind.

Thank you to everyone who followed our journey.







A few friends we met along the way

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This trip wouldn’t have been the same if we hadn’t of met some wonderful new friends along the way, who shared laughter and a few wines with us. 

Then there were a few fury friends we met…


Home sweet home

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Our trip has sadly come to and end.  We are back in Australia with family and freinds, and last week we were reunited with our car, The Beast.   But a bit of a recap on the last month and a bit since we have been back…  stopped over in Perth for a few days for a reunion with a few bottles of Aussie red wine in the Margaret River region.  Then it was a quick two day stop in Brisbane for some of Mum’s home cooking, then off to see Dad and drive our other car back to Brisbane while we waited for The Beast to arrive.  Settling back in to work has been difficult, but we still have many memories to fondly think back on, and wonderful new friends to stay in touch with.