We are now at our end destination, J’burg South Africa, which means our amazing, thrilling, and at times, challenging, road trip through Europe and Africa (and that first leg on the Trans siberia through China, Mongolia and Russia) has come to an end.   We have a month left to enjoy time with family and friends, then a few days in Perth, and a family reunion back in Emerald and then in Brisbane.  Our journey of a lifetime is sadly coming to an end, but we have loved all of it…and doing it together has been the biggest reward.

31 countries in 9 months…with perhaps one more to go if we can sneak in Swaziland before we head home.  Sadly we missed our 39 country target due to lengthy delays (and costs) in shipping from Italy to Kenya, which have seen us drop our America leg, for now anyway.

Highlights, more pics, and some post trip comments will come, but for now, we are safe and well here in South Africa.