Recalling the crazy, huge, angry elephants of Chobe (Botswana), Nic was a bit hesitant when Waldu suggested a visit to the Addo Elephant Park.  “Not again,” said Nic. “Do we have to camp with them this time or can we stay in a lodge?  Maybe we should drain the water tank.”


Much to Nic’s surprise the elephants were nothing like their angry cousins up north.  These ones were placid and didn’t even mind when we over took them on the dirt road.  They posed for the cameras and went about their daily routine with no concern over us.

From the national park’s under ground hide we were able to also watch the elephants playing at night, and catch a rhino drinking from the water hole.  So we can now tick off the big 5!  Plus there was the usual (for us) other creatures to be seen – warthog, zebra, lots of boks, pofadder snake, hyenna…

We left Addo and headed down to the Atlantic Ocean to make our crawl around the coastline to Capetown.

PS.  We did camp, and the elephants came nowhere near us.  No lions either.  We could only hear the cry of the jackals through the night.