This weird, intriguing stop required a blog post all of its own as nowhere on our travels have we seen anything quite like the owl lady’s house, as it is affectionately known.

In the sleepy little village of Nieu Bethesda is the home of (now deceased) Helen Martin.  This little lady made a major impression on the area, and the art world, with her garden of cement sculptures of owls, pyramids and angels, which she sculptured for her own pleasure more than that of the fans and critics.  The eyes, made of bottle ends, grab you as soon as you step foot in this maze of a garden.  Much of the work was completely by Helen and her helps, who later succeeded her when she sadly died, having lost her eye sight and the ability to see her artwork.


Holding back the hands of time

Some say she was a genius and others say she was just plan mad, but either way you are drawn into her garden and a visit leaves you talking about the owl lady and her house long afterwards.   Thanks to Waldu’s Mum recommending a visit, we too can know comment on Helen’s world too.