Our first trip into Germany took us through the north, whizzing down the autobahn where you can travel at whatever speed you like (or something like that) to the VW ‘experience’  – Autostadt.  “Spinning Lamborghini light show, action shows, endless things to do, you can easily spend two days there” – all things we were told.  Two hours later…we were well and truly done.  Completely over rated and in need of some marketing help!   

Next stop – Potsdam.  It was supposed to just be a good base to see Berlin from, but it turned out to be a great campsite and perfect weather.  After doing the obligatory touristy sites in Berlin we came to the where a section of the wall still stands today.  From there we walked down a corridor full of history and memories of the past, all really well depicted so every visit can get a full view of what life there was like until 1989. 

Wally and the Wall

 Where east met west we found a different kind of attraction – the Currywurst museum. 

An interactive tribute to the German favourite dish, Currywurst, finishing with a tasting plate.  In a nutshell, it is a cooked sausage that is fried up and cut (thick or thin to your preference) and put on a white paper tray.  Curry powder and special sauce (each vendor has their own) is added, plus more curry powder.  Then it is served with fries. 

People flock to little street side vendors all day long for this cheap, filling snack. You eat it while standing around a small table, chatting to others at the stand.  At some there is also beer and one vendor we saw also sold premium champagne to people frocked up for the opera etc.  Our verdict?  We love it!  So much so we can’t wait for our second trip into Germany (Munich – Oktoberfest) to try some more.

Reunited with an old friend (see Russian posts)