Yesterday we conquered the Great Wall of China (ok we walked about 800m of it) in 30+ degree heat, almost 100%

Where's Wally?

humidity, just over 1km of visibility, and a pretty agressive strip of hawker shops.  It is an amazing site that we were pleased to see.    We finished our day with a few cold drinks at local ex-pat bar, The Den (thanks for the tip Chris) where Waldu cheered on his Springbok team…sole supporter.  

After 3 days of living off a diet of rice and brocolli we finally found some western restaurants – another highlight to our great wall adventure!  Only 1 more day of bad manners, smog, wierd food (fancy some boiled bull frog?), no facebook access, and boredom to go and we get out of here and head to Mongolia on another overnight train.  We hear that they really like to eat meat there so are looking forward to the cuisine.